Testing & Engineering Services

Testing & Engineering Services


  • Standard Roof Calculation
  • Drainage Calculation (Site Visit to Verify Existing Drainage and Design to meet Code) Per Roof Area
  • Mechanical Wind Load Calculations
  • Structural Calculation For New Mechanical
  • Wood Blocking, Eave Flashing & Coping Calculation

Protocol Testing

  • TAS-105 Fastener Pull Test
  • TAS-126 Moisture Survey (Nuclear or Impedance Method)
  • TAS-124 Factory Mutual FM 1-52 Bonded or Bell Chamber Test’
  • ASTM-D Flood Test
  • Asbestos Survey (One Roof Area/Same Composition)

Inspection Services

  • Tin Cap with Sealed Engineer Letter
  • Mop in Progress with Sealed Engineer Letter
  • Tile In Progress with Sealed Engineer Letter
  • Final Inspection with Sealed Engineer Letter